• Jon Putnam

    Jon PutnamJon Putnam founded Competition Dynamics as a platform for economic research and testimony at the intersection of intellectual property, competition, and international trade law.

    Jon Putnam holds BA, MA and PhD degrees in economics from Yale University, where he specialized in international, macro and R&D economics. He received fellowships at Yale and Columbia Law Schools, and a Yale International and Area Studies fellowship for the study of European patent systems. Dr. Putnam’s PhD thesis, The Value of International Patent Rights, was the first to measure the global value of patent rights.

    From 2001 to 2005, Dr. Putnam held a professorship in the Law and Economics of Intellectual Property at the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, University of Toronto. Dr. Putnam has also held academic appointments at the Boston University Graduate School of Management, Columbia University Schools of Law and Business, Vassar College, and Yale College.

    Among other publications, Dr. Putnam is the author of “Patent Valuation,” in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (2008); “The Law and Economics of International Intellectual Property: A Primer,” in Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, vol. 2: Intellectual Property, Growth and Trade (2008); and is the editor of and a principal contributor to Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in the Knowledge-Based Economy (2006).

    Dr. Putnam has been retained in more than 100 consulting engagements and has testified more than 40 times in patent, antitrust, copyright, trade secret, contract and tax actions in federal, state and bankruptcy courts; before the US Federal Trade Commission, International Trade Commission, and Tax Court; in US and international arbitrations; and in regulatory proceedings in Canada and India.

    Dr. Putnam regularly testifies in large-scale intellectual property litigation. Cases with more than $1 billion in controversy include:

    • Medtronic v Internal Revenue Service
    • Apple v Qualcomm
    • Idenix v Gilead Sciences
    • Ericsson v Huawei
    • Ericsson v Apple
    • Ericsson v Samsung
    • InterDigital v Samsung


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  • Yuxi Meng

    Yuxi MengYuxi Meng came to Competition Dynamics in 2017 from PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she specialized in strategic business planning and intellectual property valuation and transfer for Fortune 500 and middle market clients. She holds a PhD in Energy Economics from Penn State University and has extensive experience in quantitative modeling, data analytics and visualization. Her research interests include intellectual property valuation, innovation strategy, industrial growth and competition. Her published papers include “Global Patent Chokepoints” (in Stanford Technology Law Review).

    Yuxi manages projects and conducts independent analyses related to the valuation of patents, patent portfolios, and trade secrets, in the telecommunication, pharmaceutical, and energy sectors. She also plays a senior management role, determining project work allocation among CD’s project managers and supervising their activities.



    Hieu Luu

    Hieu LuuHieu Luu joined Competition Dynamics in 2017 as an Associate, and was promoted to Project Manager in 2020. He holds a PhD in Economics from Boston College, where, as a Teaching Fellow, he taught undergraduate courses in Microeconomics and Econometrics. Prior to Boston College, he attended Colgate University and graduated magna cum laude in 2011 with a BA in Economics and Mathematics.

    Hieu’s research interests lie in the areas of industrial organization and applied microeconomics. His PhD dissertation is a study of imperfect information and its effects on competition and pricing in the US mortgage market.

    At CD, Hieu has done research and developed new analytical techniques concerning intellectual property disputes, as well as contributed to the management of projects. His recent work includes topics such as: the valuation of Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs) in a FRAND context, the role of vertical supply structures on market performance, and the effects of innovation and competition in high-tech industries.


    Justin Latona

    Justin LatonaJustin Latona joined CD in 2014.  He consults for clients and manages cases across an array of industries and technologies, including cellular communications, location-based services, semiconductors, broadband technologies, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

    Justin has six years of experience in patent damages and intellectual property valuation.  This includes specialized experience in matters involving F/RAND-encumbered standard essential patents and patent (SEP) portfolios, through regular engagement in disputes over large SEP portfolio licenses or SEP damages.

    He has prepared expert reports and testimony in various U.S. court jurisdictions, at the ITC and the ICDR.  He also provides economic support to clients in their development of licensing strategy.

    With advanced empirical skills, Justin performs and directs economic and financial analysis aimed at valuation of multi-component technologies, patents and patent licenses. He is skillful at articulating complex results in an intuitive and accessible format.

    Justin earned a BA in economics and philosophy from Boston College and is currently enrolled in the post-baccalaureate graduate program in mathematics at Tufts University.

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    Siling Chen

    Siling ChenSiling Chen joined Competition Dynamics in January 2017 after graduating from Boston University with a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Finance with high honors. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Sun Yat-sen University in China.

    Prior to CD, Siling worked at a financial technology start-up, researching the applications of new pricing algorithms.

    Siling joined CD as an Analyst, but quickly advanced to Project Manager. She has worked on a wide range of matters including patents and patent portfolio valuation, patent license modeling, antitrust and international trade. She currently manages projects in the telecommunication and pharmaceutical industries.



    Jenni Quinlan

    Jenni QuinlanJenni Quinlan came to Competition Dynamics as an Analyst in 2017 from Ernst & Young, where she worked in IT Risk Advisory, auditing financial institutions. She graduated magna cum laude from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Managerial Economics with a minor in Mathematics.

    Jenni was promoted to Associate Project Manager in 2020 after gaining substantial experience in the preparation of expert reports and econometric analyses.  At the ITC and in district court, Jenni has assisted in the management of successful litigations in the telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices industries. Currently, she manages projects on matters including domestic industry, trade secret, and patent infringement.



  • Ngoc Ngo

    Ngoc NgoNgoc Ngo completed her PhD in Applied Economics with a focus on Industrial Organization at Northeastern University in 2019. Before her doctoral studies, Ngoc attended Bates College, where she graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Economics.

    Ngoc’s PhD dissertation applied a modified version of the random-coefficient discrete choice model to quantify the impact of United Airlines’ decision to cease its hub operations at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on consumer welfare and the firm’s profits. In general, Ngoc is passionate about working with data to formulate economic models to solve real-world problems.

    Since joining CD, Ngoc has built models and conducted analyses related to damage calculation, valuation of new technologies and determining reasonable royalty terms in telecommunication and pharmaceutical industries. Ngoc is developing improved algorithms to rank patents and evaluate innovators’ patent portfolio; and has worked on various economic research to enhance methodologies used in Intellectual Property related litigation.

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  • Awo Bos

    Awo BosAwo Bos joined CD in 2015 after graduating cum laude from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and French Studies. She subsequently took time off to complete a Master of Science Degree in Management Studies at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, after which, she rejoined CD as an Analyst in 2018.

    At CD, Awo performs complex econometric analysis in the context of IP litigation support, and assists in the preparation of expert reports and trial testimony. Awo has worked on projects spanning diverse industries including biotech, telecom, flooring materials, with cases involving patent infringement, transfer pricing, and patent misuse, among others. Awo’s day-to-day work involves qualitative research and financial and data analysis, patent valuations, as well as a number of other tasks.

    Awo also brings with her experience from working in an entrepreneurial role at consumer goods company in Ghana, where she managed different manufacturing and supply processes and teams, and performed activities related to client-management, marketing, sales and supply-chain management.


    Nana Nkrahene

    Nana NkraheneNana Nkrahene holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Mathematics from Mount Holyoke College, where she became highly interested in the intersection of law and economics. After graduating magna cum laude in 2016, she spent a year volunteering in faith-based initiatives and community outreach in Amherst, Massachusetts.

    Nana enjoys her analyst role at CD, where she has helped to establish the existence of a domestic industry in testimony before the International Trade Commission, analyzed telecommunications licenses, and where she continues to learn about patent law and economics.

    Following her career at CD, Nana plans to attend law school.



    Nick Fucci

    Nick FucciNick Fucci joined Competition Dynamics in 2017 after graduating magna cum laude with a BA in Economics from Emmanuel College. Since joining CD he has exercised his interest in the application of economics to real world problems through his work in dozens of expert reports for disputes in federal court and at the International Trade Commission.

    Nick has participated in the production of CD’s expert reports at various levels. In collaboration with CD’s economists, Nick has estimated determinants of patent value, modeled the equilibrium price of standardized technology, derived value from industry transactions, and has focused on data analysis related to proof of domestic industry, reasonable royalty terms, transfer pricing and competition-related claims. He has consulted on projects in industries such as telecommunications and medical devices. In 2020, Nick was promoted to Senior Analyst.

    In addition to economic analysis, Nick is interested in public policy and political theory, and enjoys witnessing the impact that CD’s work has on legal decision-making and market outcomes. Nick plans eventually to pursue a PhD in Economics.



    Marilyn Quaidoo

    Marilyn QuaidooMarilyn Quiadoo joined Competition Dynamics in 2018 after graduating from Cornell University with an MPA Degree in Economic & Financial Policy and membership in the Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (magna cum laude) from Mount Holyoke College.

    In addition to economic research and data analysis, Marilyn maintains a keen interest in economic development reforms in emerging economies. During her studies, she completed internships with the World Bank in Ghana, and the Gbowee Peace Foundation in New York.

    Since joining CD, Marilyn has assisted in preparing expert reports and exhibits, analyzing licenses, and performing econometric analyses in the telecommunication and pharmaceutical industries. She has also assisted in research studies related to patent portfolio and standard essentiality analysis.

    Marilyn has also played a key role in developing CD’s internal training programs and coordinating the participation of staff members in the preparation of training materials, and the scheduling of presentations.


  • Lou Zetes

    Lou ZetesLou Zetes joined Competition Dynamics in 2016 as General Manager. Lou develops the firm’s organizational structure and capabilities, manages our strategic talent acquisition and oversees the firm’s day-to-day activities.

    After a fifteen-year career in international banking at Citigroup, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, Lou founded Market People, an executive search boutique specializing in the recruitment of front office investment banking staff. Lou brings that wealth of experience in high-performance business environments to Competition Dynamics.

    Lou holds an MA in International Business from the University of South Carolina and a BA in German from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.



    Kerri Lavertu Stamm

    Kerri Lavertu StammKerri Lavertu Stamm came to Competition Dynamics after spending nearly 8 years at Charles River Associates, where she worked in new business development/conflict administration. Before that, Kerri worked in client intake/conflict control at Ropes & Gray LLP.

    Kerri has a degree in Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s College in Maine. In addition, she operates a successful photography business, Dave & Kerri Photography (daveandkerriphotos.com).

    At CD Kerri handles all aspects of firm management including human resources, financial administration, AR/AP, as well as day-to-day business operations.